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The real definition of haggard is "untamed; having a worn look; tired; gaunt." But it is mostly used like you would use ugly, stupid, messed up, nasty, etc. in the sentances below.

that is the ugliest suit i have ever seen.

that is the stupidest stuit i have ever seen.

that is the nastiest suit i have ever seen.
that is the most haggard suit i have ever seen.
by megz March 24, 2005
The family jewel on the lowest life form on earth.
ventworm nut

The family jewels on the lowest life form on earth.

Mark: Hey dude, how's your chicken taco?

Tom: It sucks ventworm nut.
by megz August 07, 2004
droopy grandpa boobs, usually found on old grandpa's, not a pretty site
DUDE when grandpa hugged me i could feel those goobs!
by Megz February 21, 2005
the game of jumping on the trampoline and counting to three and yelling "WAHEEEEE!" as loud as you can. whoever goes the highest wins a car. if you fall off the trampoline or die, you're disqualified.
"1.... 2..... 3.... WAHHEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
"you can't play you're dead!!"
by Megz February 21, 2005
This could be used when saying you jumped over something.
"aww man i totally vaulted that massive horse o'er there! Twas f**king amazin' dude"

"aww man wicked i might try vaulting that car naa!"
by Megz March 21, 2005
a marshmallow that walks aroud with obvious marshmallow brains.
"That guys is such a homestar runner.." *as the guy walks into a glass door....19 times in a row...*
by Megz November 14, 2003
another word for a condom i think makes more sense
hey Willy dont forget to wrap your willy with a cock sock
by Megz February 28, 2005

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