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an alternate way of spelling meghan (can also be spelt as megan)

for those parents who have nothing better to do but think of weird ways to spell their daughter's name, resulting in frustration later in life for the child

often pronounced: Me-aaaa-gan
Person: How do you spell that?
Meagan: m-e-A-g-a-n
Person: "A?!?!" What the hell is with that??
Meagan: Ask my parents
by megvak March 16, 2007
an affectionate term for someone named Megan, Meagan, Meghan, etc.
Uncle: Hello my little meglet, you've grown 3 feet since I last saw you
by megvak March 16, 2007
Translated as "for sure"
shows an agreement with a statement
"Snow days are the best days ever!"
by megvak March 16, 2007
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