58 definitions by megnao flimpis

A turd passed after swallowing a string.
I passed a wick-ed arse candle.
by megnao flimpis August 14, 2003
A person who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.
Elrod has been a hardcore glick ever since he had indoor plumbing installed.
by megnao flimpis July 03, 2003
The recursive redaction of an old religious-philosophical argument of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
No, Reverend Phalwell, taken to its infinite regress the King James 1611 edition proves inerrantly that 16,751 angels could fit on the head of a pin but they'd dance only at the risk of eternal damnation and hellfire!
by megnao flimpis July 12, 2003
Proto-Pig-Latin for shiz.
Utwhey isnay shiznay?
by megnao flimpis July 17, 2003
A hiphop or rap gansta with a prison record.
Fittycent was a defcon...he done time for shoplifting a Cuisinart.
by megnao flimpis July 20, 2003
A pulsating body appendage.
While momentarily distracted by the blond women with the big chest, Rodney struck his thumb with his 22oz. framing hammer, giving himself an intantaneous throbber.
by megnao flimpis July 17, 2003
A possible variation of the Hawaiian word "malo", which means loincloth.
Whaddup wid da laho breath, okole-munch?
by megnao flimpis July 04, 2003

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