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A gathering with just a couple of people or a whole party that are there to smoke weed.
"Hey i was thinking, bongmitzvah this weekend?"

"Yeah!! But only like 4 or less? Last time there was too big of a head count."
#smoke #weed #bong #party #head count #sober
by meggiedough November 15, 2009
Similar to cha but pronounced in a more broski manor. Another meaning yeah or yes.
"Dude, let's hit up that party over in Bellaire!"
"Pchaa dude, I'm down with that."
#yeah #yes #tcha #cha #no #fuck no
by meggiedough November 07, 2009
Said to be weed that doesn't show up on drug tests. However, that's complete shit because THC only doesn't show up if it's not there and THC-less weed isn't weed.
"Hey, can you get me some serenity?"

"I can get you some reallly dank shit but not any of that fake stuff."

(the wanna be stoner sits quietly, confused because he/she is a dumbass)
#weed #thc #fake #not real #stupid #dank
by meggiedough November 08, 2009
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