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a slutty whore that CANNOT sing if she wanted to (she makes avril lavigne sound like a goddess)...the worst possible celebrity you can find or talk about. America is her home country and WE ALL hate her, and that makes her music career very very very VERY sad. For she had to depend on international stupid ITALIAN teenagers that are brainwashed into believing shes good.
she stole aaron carter away from lindsay lohan.
she started fights with avril lavigne.
she called ashlee simpson a poser.
and she is basically a skank that must be KILLED.
me"i want to punch hilary"
hilary"im too cool to get punched! i rawk hardd!!! and i have joel that will kick your ass anyway!"
me" yay no more hilary"
me:: and WE GET JOEL!!!
*just as i may add one more thing: she used to be an overweight mess of a kid, and amazingly her money got her into being an anorexic mess of a slut.
hilary fan: " oh ma gawd im so rawwwk jus like HILARY DUFF!!! "hey now hey now this is what dreams are made of..." *blasts the stereo*
me: " grrr shut up -- my ears, they're bleeding!! ahhh help!!
hilary fan: " no, she rawks!!"
fan's mother: "turn that noise down you'll make the world explode!!"
hilary fan: " but MOM!!!"
mother: "i said shut it off!"
by meggerz123 August 02, 2006
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