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A nation that has undeniably contributed more to world economicaly, militarily, and technologicaly in its relatively short exsistence than most other nations on earth.

America was founded to be a haven for freedom, and though ignorance and prejudice have always tarnished that original dream , many of the world's poor and downtrodden look to America as "the land of opporitunity. This is why countless immigrants have risked everything to travel to America. The majority of the immigrants founs freedom and wealth that would be impossible to attain in their countries of origin"

Many people, unfortunatly some of whom are American, despise America because of its many shortcomings. Sadly, America-bashing has become fashonable to the point that you are considered ignorant and brainwashed if you dare to love America.

America isnt perfect but then again no country is. If you love America in every way, open your eyes and notice it's problems so they can be resolved. If you hate America, open your eyes and acknowledge it's countless strengths and admirable qualities.
"America-bashers need to quit burning flags and find a better hobby...wait, I forgot, not hating America makes you a fat brainwashed moron. Nevermind, be a 'freethinker' and follow the anti-American crowd cuz that means youre a genious rebel."

"If America is so horrible and evil, then why does it recieve more immigrants than any other country in the world?"
by megatech987 September 09, 2007

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