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The Pink Spiders, commonly abbreviated as TPS, is a power-pop/alternative band from Nashville, Tennessee.
They are no MTV fairy tale. There were times when they made starving artists look like the had it good.
Their music mixes 80's garage with modern alternative, plus several genre's in-between.
They have three albums
(The Pink Spiders) ... are taking over!
Hot Pink
Teenage Graffiti
and a new album coming: Sweat it Out

if you're a fan of any genre of rock, they are definitely a band worth checking out.
"young and wasted, look at me noww! i'm the king of california, straight from teneseee!"
"dude, what are you singing?"
"back to the middle, by The Pink Spiders"
#power-pop #rock #warped tour #teenage graffiti #hot pink #sweat it out #modern swinger #little razorblade
by meganishizu September 21, 2007
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