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A man both attractive and charming enough to make even a lady forgo all preliminaries and just have sex.
James Purefoy and Johnny Depp are real ankles-to-ears guys as far as I'm concerned.
by meganelizabeth July 02, 2005
A third person term a lady may use when speaking of her pussy in polite society.
Miss Muffet needs some attention. Can I come see you tonight around 11?
by meganelizabeth July 03, 2005
Man or boy who pretends to be a member of a top football team to impress girls.
Boy: "I really shouldn't be drinking at all. Coach would kill me if he knew."

Girl: "Coach? What do you play?"

Boy: "I play football at OSU or similar."
by meganelizabeth July 11, 2005
Side plate placed next to a picky eater specifically to catch all refused items picked out of food.
"Don't cry, Susan. We'll have the waiter bring you a poopy plate for the raisins. You don't have to eat them."
by meganelizabeth July 11, 2005

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