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bob is a word to use when you cant think of anything else.

along with fred and jim.
also a small human being who thinks hes loved.
ohhhh, whats your name ?
bob :)
bob the builder can we fix it?
errr no!
by megan morris April 30, 2009
Dirty bastard who molesters little kiddies in showers. also feels you up all the time and is a plebelian.
ellis: can i shove my cock in you ?
person 1: err no tar maytee shove it up your ass and lick it (y)
ellis: why?
Person 1: because you have no cock, if you did, you'd have to use a magnifying glass to see it maytee (y)
Ellis: can i pleasee?
person 1: err no!
ellis: ill rape you
person 1: err, id like to see you try maytee,

ellis: you made me cum
person 1: oh shit :') dirty boy! :O :')
ellis: im wanking
person 1: Ooooh what you wanking, cos theres nothing there too wank maytee (y)
by megan morris April 30, 2009
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