4 definitions by megaloafter

When something is funny one would use this expression
I Die when i see that commercial on tv
by megaloafter September 12, 2009
when something is surprising...like really surprising one would say WOWOWOWOW
Jen: Ashley, Barb called you a skanky biatch

by megaloafter September 11, 2009
being very unpleasent or not nice. impolite.
an expression to say when someone is impolite to you
*girl bumps into _______*
girl - sorry

_______- True. Chyea Ruuuude. *snaps fingers*
by megaloafter September 11, 2009
When something takes an insanely long time to do something or just pushes it off or procrastinates until they have to do it.
mega loafter, mega loafting
I have a biology lab to do....but im mega loafting by being on facebook.........lame
by megaloafter September 11, 2009

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