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3 definitions by megabitch

The state, quality, or fact of exhibiting characteristics that seem overtly ghetto; traits that can be linked to as having been "stereotypical" of a certain group, regardless of race or religion
Person 1: *drops wallet* Oh shit! My wallet!
Person 2: *steps on wallet, proceeds to walk away,dragging the wallet under his foot as if nothing has happened*
Person 1: Hey! That's my wallet! Did you guys see that? He just stole my wallet and walked away casually!
Person 3: That's some powerful niggadry
by MegaBitch October 20, 2013
see osek
owned, mother fscker!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
by megabitch February 02, 2004
a packet kiddie, or hacker, or otherwise neucense
you are lame
by megabitch February 25, 2004