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It can mean abosultly anything you want it to. A term first used for a nick name of a boy but now used as a group friend slang term of "screw you" "Whatever" "Dumb ass" It is a word used to establish our creative minds and have the simple minds around us hearing in our conversation have no clue what we are saying even if we are insulting each other.
"UH God kapoosh to u 2"

Friend 1runs into wall
friend 2 :*Sigh* "Kapoosh"
by Meg March 29, 2005
Crazy person
Person 1: That dude Is CRAZY!!
Person 2: Yea he's a pop of a needle!!
by meg October 25, 2003
Crazy perosn
Person 1: That dude Is CRAZY!!
Person 2: Yea he's a pop of a needle!!
by meg October 25, 2003
Since I am a prep, I will tell you everything you will need to know about being a prep and fake preps

For Girls:If you classify yourself as preppy this is what you should have: Polo and Lilly Pulitzer.J.Crew,Eliza B.,C.K. Bradley,Maax, LaCoste,Vineyard Vines,North Face,L.L. Bean etc.
They ALWAYS have numberous amounts of ribbon belts and ribbons in every color. They wear tons pastels, pinks and greens, navys is a defianant,dark greens,purples,reds,yellows,limited black clothing etc.
They have toile bags, Vera Bradley, Longchamp, Herve Chapelier etc. They are always very classy and always look their best. Never should a prep dress skin-revealing or tight, glittery cheap clothes.

For Boys:Boys wear Polo,Vineyard vine ties,boxers and belts.LaCoste is very popular as well.Seersucker pants and imbroidered pants and shorts with crabs,lobsters,whales etc are also worn.True male preps aren't afraid of wearing pink or yellow and sometimes purple.

For all preps:1.POP COLLAR IS A MUST 2.Must play atleast lacrosse,soccer,hockey,polo(if your really that preppy),sailing,basketball(sometimes),golf etc.

Preppy people are always well off but sometimes are not extremely rich but they have to be wealthy. Always a part of the upper-class. The majority of preps are almost always in all lot of times are white. But there are few black preps that I have seen and have class and great taste in clothes. In some cases they drive BMW's,Benz,Jaguar and anything exspensive. Preps don't always go to the Cape and go to Martha's Vineyard. I as a prep, have traveled to London and California. All preps have to be from the East Coast. In northern New Jersey(a breeding ground for preps)is prep-central. Loaded with mansions and a gorgeous downtowns equipped with everything.*If your town you live in doesn't have a really nice downtown, then it isn't a preppy town.

Fake Preps:I strongly dislike it when people classify that they are preppy and they aren't because of these few things
1.A+F,Aeropostle,Old Navy,Gap,American Eagle,Hollister and anything else that I didn't mention under true prep aren't preppy at ALL.
2.They wear tight,glittery,showy clothes.They wear a TON of makeup too and don't pop their collars.

Remember:Preps don't always go to private or boarding schools. I go to a public school and there are a ton of preppy people there. And they sometimes don't belong to a country club(like myself).But my dad does play golf!
"Megs, you have everything Polo!"
by Meg May 21, 2004
What you'd get if Canada and Switzerland joined together for some reason.

(sounds cool!)
Have ye ever been to Swanada? tis quite the place.
by Meg May 12, 2004
The best chocolate milk in the world, ever. Can be purchased at Wawa.
"Double Dutch Chocolate Milk is awesome, unless you mix it with Natty Ice."
by Meg January 03, 2004
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