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Pidgin english, originating from Hawaii, it means I don't care.
Eh can you like tell me where da kine is? Anokea where da kine is brah.
by Meg April 20, 2005
A preppy girl is not always the one who wears hideous amounts of pink and green. True those are our signature colors but there is a lot more. Preppy girls are NOT the mean snobs, those are the wannabe preppies. Us true preppies spend our summers on Martha's Vineyard (etc.) and attend prep schools like GDA and Noble & Greenough. We are not the ones that wear slutty clothes from Abercrombie although we may wear a few pink and green things from there. We are the nice kids who tend to do very well in school but have fun while doing so. Our children will eventually be preppy too. To be preppy you have to be NICE!!
Ally looked preppy in her pink lacoste shirt (with collar up) and cuffed chinos from Brooks Brothers.
by Meg June 16, 2004
Someone or somthing that is annoying you at the time.
"she's a stupid bitch"
"yeah, what a guf"
by Meg October 30, 2004
it can mean, "that's life" or "that's how it goes" at the end of a conversation about bad things.
"My dog died last night, and then I broke a nail."
"That's the way the cookie crumbles, honey!"
by Meg May 26, 2004
A little elementry school in the middle of tennessee with a lame ass principal, like father ryan wishes it was notre dame and there is only 2 frikin irish people in the school
little kindergardeners from St.Bernard beat the fith graders in basketball at st.edward...again
by meg February 04, 2005
if you drop a piece of food on the ground (most likely, something that you've taken a long time to prepare, at a time of crisis right before this needs to be served, or after a long day), you have 5 seconds to pick it up and it will be fine. While it still has germs, these 3 words just may give you peace of mind.
Crap! I just dropped the souffle I've been working on for 3 hours! And Jackie is getting here in 5 minutes! *picks it up* 5 second rule will have to do I guess.
by Meg July 10, 2004
(N.) Crafty Mexican. Virgin. Alot of sexual frustration and potential all wrapped up in a mexicano burrito.
Damn, I'd fuck that Reemer ... I'd fuck him good.
by Meg January 14, 2004
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