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Inspired by the television sitcom "Friends".

Marked by excessive enthusiasm and devotion for the show Friends.
Oh my god, she is a Frienatic!
by Meg September 13, 2004
A small purple alien shapeshifter from the early 1990's tv show, "Widget the Wolrd Watcher"
Widget comes on too f'ing early in the morning!!
by Meg May 06, 2004
yes it is a really good and funny movie with jack black but you're forgetting a key character! Freddy Jones/Kevin Alexander Clark!!!!! He is sooooo HOT!!!
oh my god did you see freddy in school of rock he was soooo hot!
by meg April 09, 2004
A dance, these are probably only held in loser towns like mine, but they DO exist, I assure you.
Guy: So...are you going to the mixer tonight?
Girl: I dunno...are you?
Guy: Well...I dunno...I asked you first!
Girl: Fuck the mixer, let's just have sex
Guy: Hellyes!
by Meg November 26, 2003
A celebration of both Christmas and Chanukka.
With Chrismukka, I have both Moses and Jesus on my side.
by meg December 05, 2003
a man who has taken away womens breaths for years and years. he also happens to be a singer and songwriter.

he tends to sing R's.. tho and you shouldnt do that.
Oh mom, are you playing Neil Diamond again!
by meg April 15, 2005
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