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Someone who is so into their health and what they eat that they are phsyco about it.
My mother is a health freak.
by meg April 17, 2005
The best gosh darn time of your life. we play music and have visuals all set up on the field. it takes a lot of hard work and most of the summer. but hey who cares i have fun! (like the marching band i'm in always says) SHAKATA!!!
(thats sha-kuh-tuh)
usually performed at halftime of a football game (the BAND not poms or cheerleaders)
by Meg December 09, 2003
A drinking town with a college problem
GREEN BEER DAY, only found in Oxford
by Meg February 28, 2005
Often confused with the university of the same name, Princeton IS indeed a medium-sized town in New Jersey, home not only to the Tigers, but also Palmer Square, and more importantly, a centrally located J. Crew. Princeton also holds the record for having the most ice cream parlors in Mercer County, which include The Bent Spoon, Halo Pub, Thomas Sweet and Ricky's. Weekend activities include attending football games, trying to sneak into the university eating clubs, driving the loop and sitting on the wall. Commonly referred to by Princetonians as "town." Considered elitist and snobby by most of New Jersey.
See Orange Bubble and Princeton for additional information.
How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb in Princeton?

Two. One to call the electrician and one to mix the martinis.
by Meg January 23, 2005
taken from comedian Brian Reagan. a cross between take care and good luck.
"Take luck and care for it!"
by Meg February 15, 2005
A TV Show of actors who do the most random things on the shows. Also made 3 movies: "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", "Life of Brian", and "The Meaning of Life". Very good stress booster.
You silly kinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnights!
by Meg August 27, 2003
A sweet boy, who lets his emotions go. Not always about break-ups.
Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes is a total emo boy.
by Meg February 18, 2004
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