96 definitions by meg

the guy who is gr8 and she wants to d8
by Meg March 31, 2003

christians hate it and do it anyway.and feel guilt. normal people dont feel guilt for fun.
sin is fun.

as long as noone is hurting anyone else sin is a good thing.
by meg April 15, 2005
A Portuguese term referring to one's hindside; also known as ass, butt, boot-ay, buttox.
I couldn't help but grab her big coo.
by meg December 01, 2004
Something like Oh yea for sure that's great!!
Another definition is Yea!
Can be used by either blacks or whites it doesn't matter
Clowey: Girl you workin that look!!
Sadie: Fo Shizzle Dizzle!!
by meg October 25, 2003
1.a stupid person.
2.a person who excessively eats hair.
nick is such a stoop omg

ewww..hes a stoop!!!
by meg October 09, 2004
mostly used by young teens, meaning birthday blow-job. (a sexual birthday present)
"she's giving him a bbj for his 15th birthday."
by meg December 25, 2004
to fuck somebody that is really hott...and then fuck his best friend
andrew and jack are in a fight becuz laurin fuck them both
by meg November 24, 2004

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