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the numbers of fingers highly favored for fingering.
He fingered her with two fingers.
by meg December 13, 2003
Super ghetto booty
That girl has a huge SGB!
by Meg July 02, 2004
An angry way to say that people are constantly IMing you.
Why people always bimingme lol!
by Meg January 01, 2004
Miss Piglet, u know who you are *cara*. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I wouldn't be the person I am without you. Your like my best friend and ILUSM! Best friends till the end girl, LULAS!
Meg: and im hungry
Meg: and thirsty
Cara: lol
Cara: go get food and a drink smart one
Meg: lolz
Meg: thanx u o great Miss Piglet
Cara: LOL
by Meg August 24, 2003
o flute and a phone put together
during my band concert, my flutophone started to ring.
by meg April 19, 2005
a very tall good friend
The tree lived on top of a very high mountain.
by meg April 15, 2005
A very strong punch. can knock a big man down in seconds.

This originated from tennessee.Martial Arts was a whole different experience in the south than from a lot of parts in the US. similar to brazian Zui Zitsu style.
The arrogant talk of the racist came to an end with one skilled punch of david.
by meg April 15, 2005
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