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3 definitions by meez

Callum is a hot, awesome, bootaful person. He's sooooo good on stage and he listens to all my problems and is such a champ and whoever goes out with him is so lucky.
Love you baby, Meez
Callum is wikid! :-)
by Meez July 09, 2004
980 732
Accroynm. Fat Upper Pussy Area.

The large area of protuding fat above an obese ladies vagina.
I don't mind screw'n fat chicks, but my arms get tired holding up their FUPA's
by meez January 22, 2004
113 51
Otherwise known as Piii, Hindy, Hindalanassnikasshole etc...'
She is such a great buddy to have- such a funny one too. I think I piss her off a lot though. Sorry for that doodes!
Love lots, Meez (Missyco, Mawie Bee)
Hehehe You're so cute Hindy! Bye doodes :-)
by Meez July 10, 2004
16 47