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a large society of scum bag niggers smoking crack and causing tons of pointless murders.
"you a crip"
(blam blam)
"AB forever"
by MEEK April 13, 2007
in a movie, usually a kids movie but doesn't have to be, a character is really gay, but the producers or movie writers or whoever ruin it by giving him a girlfriend or something.
1) man that kid movie "robots" sucked. the one robot guy who was played by robin williams was totally gay, but then he had that date with the girl robot and was all in love with her like and they ruined it! he didn't really like her it was just a stupid gaybreaker.
2) yay! the kids movie "ice age" doesn't have a gaybreaker. those rhinos were out loud & proud.
by meek March 07, 2006

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