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the smoothest people in the world, they have this bad rep but its bull, they have this good rep and its true ;) best known for guinness and flogging molly :D daaaaaamn straight

ha oh and i'm irish, and you're not, :P
hes irish, what a duuuude

oh yeah great in bed too...
by Meee January 11, 2004
a dick that is child-sized ,but on a man!
Shane has a needle dick.
by meee November 30, 2003
large tits on a womans chest...also a nickname...GOD DAMN YOU ike!
TATAS!!!-yells across room
by meee May 11, 2004
a word made by R SMITH and C B-H

"YASMIN, you slutho! that's your 16th boyfriend in the past week!"
by MEeE September 18, 2004
a racist nazi who should smoke more because hes nicer that way
phill.. love a hatian
by meee January 11, 2004
hehehe this is weird
haha haha hahshhahahahahha
by meee February 24, 2005
yet anotha bitch who fell fer songtha
Esha fell fer songtha, dat bitch ( hey i fell fer him too dun feel too bad!)
by meee May 20, 2004

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