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A PG way to say fucked up. Good for situations when parents or religious people are in the room.
Mom, this casserole is fup duck.

Joey fell off his bike, now his leg is fup duck.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
Feeling especially crappy. Take crap, mix it up with eggs and flour. Bake. The result is much worse than just regular crap. Applies in times of illness and hangovers.
Josie drank half a liter of schapps last night. She feels like a total crap biscuit this morning.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
Lifted from mathematics, a cruel(yet humerous)term for someone who walks with a cane and has legs as screwy as a willow tree.
Clear the sidewalk, here comes a hypotenuse leg!
by mecaro October 16, 2005
A term joining the words stomach and uterus. Used when a female's menstrual cramps are so bad, her stomach hurts by association.
No hanky panky tonight Harold, my stomuterus hurts.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
1. Someone who is extremely pale/has blindingly white skin. "A whiter shade of pale."

2. Someone with no game and with none of the charisma of our african american friends. Not even cool enough to be white.
Sandy, freakin' go outside, you're see-through.

Look at Alexander try to dance, man is he see-through.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
Blood goobers that dangle from pubic hair during a woman's period. Can arise from maxi pad use.
I picked a dingleberry from Tina's pussy. Damn thing looked like a cherry tree.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
When your ass eats your underwear and/or pants, depending on how hungry it is.
Man, this wedgie is so far up my butt, I can taste the fabric.
by mecaro October 16, 2005
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