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One of the characters on a funny show called Aqua Teen Hungerforce. In my opinion, I think he is the funniest character on the show. He looks like a meatball and he talks funny. Sometime I can't undersand what he says.
"You can't just decide if i'm drunk, you can't just decide"

"Can I go swimmin'?"

"I'm an adult, and I deserve an adult glass"

"Awww thats sweet. Your tryin' to say that you love me"
by meatwad's ghost April 21, 2005
One of the funniest shows on adult swim. Main charcters are: Meatwad, Master Shake and Frylock.
Shake-zula, the mic rulah, the old schoolah.
You wanna trip, I'll bring it to ya!
Frylock and I'm on top, rock you like a cop.
Meatwad you're up next, with your knock-knock.
Meatwad make the money see. Meatwad get the honeys G.
Drivin in my car, livin' like a star. Ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a Taurus
Ha, check-check it, yeah
'Cuz we are tha Aqua Teenz, make the homeys say ho 'n the girlies wanna scream!
'Cuz we are tha Aqua Teenz, make the homeys say ho 'n the girlies wanna scream!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force - Numba one in tha hood, G
by meatwad's ghost April 21, 2005
Simple Plan is a pop-punk band composed of five members. And no, they are NOT 'emo'.

Chuck - Drums
Pierre - Vocals
Jeff - Lead guitar
David - Bass and backup vocals
Seb - Guitar and backup vocals

If you don't like them, then keep it to yourself.
Just listen to their albums.

Some of my favorite songs of theirs are: "Promise", "I'd Do Anything", "Shut Up!" and "Wellcome to my life".
by meatwad's ghost May 30, 2005
An emo band. They aren't really that good. I've heared a few of their songs; and most of them suck. "Helena" is the only song of theirs I like. And how can you people compare them to Good Charlotte?! GC sounds nothing like MCR. The two bands are very differant.
by meatwad's ghost April 18, 2005
A pop-punk band from D.C. Band members are: Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Paul Thomas and Billy Martin. Benji and Joel write all of GC's songs. They have three albums out. Good Charlotte is one of the few bands that actually appreciates their fans.

To all you people who are saying shit about them: You obviouly know NOTHING about GC if you think they are 'posers'. So how can you call someone a poser when you don't even know anything about them? And if you just don't like their music, then please keep it to yourself; 'cause NO ONE CARES what you think.
Just listen to their albums.

"Good Charlotte is one of my favorite bands."
by meatwad's ghost May 27, 2005
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