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A wild beast that roams the small town of foxboro, MA. It was originally discovered in a hotel room when a bunch of kids found one under a bed. There is said to be about 10 white pearsey's left in the world. there is a larger population of black pearsey's in areas like south africa and canadia.
whoa, what the fuck is that. That is a pearsey. It is one of 10.
by meathammers February 20, 2007
a small organization created in the suberbs of philladelphia in 2000. It is a group of young gentlemen who have grown up playing paintball together and have now developed the best freidnship anyone could have. Also see agg, HK, and brothers.

Can also be used as an adjective to decribe anything that is cool, or agg.
I wish i was like those kids in ICK


That marker is friggin ICK
by meathammers February 20, 2007
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