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A meatball hailstorm is one of the rarer types of shit someone takes. It is when your shit is part diarrhea and part solid turd, and makes a very distinct sound when splashdown occurs. Your shit should sound like hail stones hitting a pond in a steady rain. A great shit to have to take if you are in a public restroom playing battleshits.
Danny: Yo, Billy, I got fuckin wasted at that party last night

Billy: Fur Shuure man, beers were flowin

(high five)

Danny: Fur Shuure, I gotta take a dump before this race bro, theres a 100% chance of a meatball hailstorm happening in that bathroom

Billy: Fur Shuure bro

(high five)

Danny: Fur Shuure

(high five)

(high five)
by meatball hailstorm June 12, 2011

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