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Monkey Metal is a sub-genre of Heavy Metal Music which possesses elements of extreme win. The genre was created by Youtube celebrity/guitarist/guitar company owner, Rob Chapman(The Monkey Lord). As of yet, only The Monkey Lord himself can play Monkey Metal as no-one else, at this time, possesses the extreme amount of win necessary to do so. It is rumoured that to play Monkey Metal, you must possess more win than a Windigo, however win at this extreme quantity is considered dangerous and the only defence against it is to have lots of hair.

Monkey Metal is still in an evolutionary stage, but at the moment contains elements of progressive metal (unusual rhythms), alternative metal (unusual melodies and 'riffs'), and early thrash metal such as Metallica ('chugging' sections). One example of Monkey Metal is the Monkey Lord song "Phantom Power" which can be purchased from iTunes.

The term "Monkey Metal" was first used on the Monkey Lord Forums and originated in the thread titled "and then it dawned on me..". It was created by MLF user mean0machine.
the song "Phantom Power" By the band Monkey Lord, is the only recorded song which is in the genre of Monkey Metal
by mean0machine May 23, 2010

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