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this is a tank in car clothings. can take all kinds of abuse, even sexualy. you can paint Go Al Quida in big white letters on the side and drive it at a US military patrole in iraq. it would only get a few dents. can also be used as a tractor, snow plow.
US soildier: oh shit its a volvo! i need artillery on my position!!!!!...run for your lives men!
by mean mother fucker January 10, 2006
the definition of a rice racer, with a hunk of sheet metal taped around a straight six engine. also known as the incarnation of the devil by amcar fans. if you see one, take it out on the shooting range and use it for target practice.
vegard: omg look a Toyota Supra....sweet..
Me: yeah sweet...target practice..*locks and loads one 50. cal MG...*
by mean mother fucker January 10, 2006
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