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40 definitions by meadow soprano

when someone deludes themselves about the effect they have on people for so long, that they believe it
Jeff is convinced that all his exes will never get over him and are miserable- but that is only his altered ego talking-if he knew they were all happier without him, he'd be crushed
by Meadow Soprano October 28, 2005
the act of searching UD for people you suspect are submitting words about you
J spends his days playing Urb-and-seek looking for those who have bid him good riddance
by Meadow Soprano November 15, 2005
1.when someone pretends they are a few clothing sizes smaller than they are (i.e. Mariah Carey)

2. when a man thinks his cock is much larger (or smaller) than it actually is
Mariah swears she wears a size 6...her assistants replace size 12 tags with 6's to accomodate her delusional sizing

Some guys love to flash their cocks because they think it is bigger than it actually is...when people laugh, they may realize it's a case of delusional sizing
by Meadow Soprano November 15, 2005
short for contradictory actions
Dave swore he was over his ex-girlfriend, but the words he kept putting on UD about her were contractions- he was projecting again.
by Meadow Soprano October 14, 2005
the light that indicates which way you are going to turn while driving....a lever to left of the steering wheel is raised or lowered to start the flashing of the light
Most drivers these days are not aware that their cars come equipped with turn signals, or they are just too "busy" to use them- they expect other drivers to be psychic and figure out what exactly they are doing- it is infuriating!!!!!
by Meadow Soprano December 06, 2005
Head Up Your Ass Syndrome....an affliction that most Americans seem to have lately.....
She was talking on her cell while driving, so she almost ran over a pedestrian, and then took up 2 parking spots.....she definitely has H.U.Y.A.S.
by Meadow Soprano December 05, 2005
when someone thinks they are owed something by life; they should get things just because they are who they are
I still can't get over the hissy fit she threw over having to drive herself to the party- what a sense of entitlement- her ego is hunormous
by Meadow Soprano October 18, 2005