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a sandwich without bread
I wanted the turkey sandwich without bread, so I ordered it as a nonwich
#sandwich #diet sandwich #no bread #just filling #inside out
by Meadow Soprano October 02, 2005
When a person manages to stay angry throughout their life- no matter which direction it is taking
No matter how her life is going, she is always pissed off! She's a case of anger management, if I've ever heard one.....
#zen #entitlement #angry #pouting #time to get meds
by Meadow Soprano November 16, 2005
when it looks like it is raining, but you aren't getting wet
As I stood outside, it looked as if it were raining...but I wasn't getting wet- it can only be evaporain
#teeming #pouring rain #raining #hot shitstorm #whatever
by Meadow Soprano October 23, 2005
when someone just keeps running in circles (and making the same mistakes) in their life, instead of progressing
I thought when you "moved on" , everything would change....but I can see you are still on the hamster wheel-NOTHING has.
#be happy with your choices #own your behavior #live up to your words #stop making threats #just move on already
by Meadow Soprano November 16, 2005
when you post a word on UD, but then change your mind and would like to remove it
After I submitted one or two words, I suffered from poster's remorse- now I'd like to remove them and I don't know how
#delete #mistake #oops #oh well #what are ya gonna do?
by Meadow Soprano November 08, 2005
the act of searching UD for people you suspect are submitting words about you
J spends his days playing Urb-and-seek looking for those who have bid him good riddance
#lynipulation #bullzen #dink-nial #projection #tempthentic
by Meadow Soprano November 15, 2005
1.when someone pretends they are a few clothing sizes smaller than they are (i.e. Mariah Carey)

2. when a man thinks his cock is much larger (or smaller) than it actually is
Mariah swears she wears a size 6...her assistants replace size 12 tags with 6's to accomodate her delusional sizing

Some guys love to flash their cocks because they think it is bigger than it actually is...when people laugh, they may realize it's a case of delusional sizing
#teeny weenie #long duck dong #sqeezing into clothes #too small!!! #please don't wear that again
by Meadow Soprano November 15, 2005
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