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justin bieber is a 16 year old boy that has (proven fact) hit pubery he is a kind smart kid who has common sence and knows wat he is talking about yes all his songs are about girls soo wat at least he isnt a total perv who wants to smush everygirl they see . he has a very good voice and deserves everything he has gotten he isnt the best singer in the entire world i get that but he isnt a fag-bag and he isnt mean besides boys dont like him cause he is a goodlooking kid and alot of girls adore him ..duh if u acully knew lots about him u wudnt call him a fagg or a bad singer or wat eve :]
boy: justin bieber is soo gayy

girl near him: no he isnt he is a cool cute kid

boy: not even close and that stupid ass hair wats with it ?

girl near him: wow ur smart ..U HAVE the sam exact hair cut

boy:no i dont

girl : hey soso doesnt he have the same hair as j.b

soso: yea totes ... ALMOST EVERY guy does :p
by me_so_smartical<3 January 11, 2011

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