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The left over residue that stays on your armpit when you apply deodorant. After a while the residue clumps together to form little balls of deodorant residue or armpit curds. The sight of the curds can be sometimes so utterly revolting that you throw up everywhere. Some boys would eat them for money.
"wear a shirt with sleeves i can see your armpit curds"
by me8576 October 21, 2009
Another word for a 281er. Typically a boy who goes to camp and everything in his trunk is either Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, or Ed Hardy. Preferrably Ed Hardy. This person gels his hair on a regular basis, even while attending camp. He rides horses wearing oversized basketball sneakers and when he lifts up his arms the disgusting scent of Ed Hardy deodorant flows out of his shirt. This person also claims himself to be a "pothead" although hes never touched weed in his life.
"Wow he frosts his tips before he goes to bed"
"He's such a mitchy tay-tay."
by me8576 October 20, 2009
This word is used to describe teen girls who look generally good looking in pictures posted on web pages such as myspace or facebook, but look the complete opposite in real life. This word usually involves tons of makeup and/or photo editing.
John: "So i met kelley for the first time last night.. She wasnt as impressive as she looks on the computer."
Rachael:"Yeah, shes a complete screen shot."
by me8576 October 20, 2009
Another word for a "handjob". It is normally used by tools trying to describe to his tool friends what sexual pleasures he recieved. This is generally used by middle school "bros" who are too immature to know what oral sex is.
Andrew:"Hey man my 13 year old girlfriend gave me the handy dandy last night."
John: "Tiiiiiigggghhhhttttt brrrooo.. jealoussss"
by me8576 October 20, 2009

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