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Joel Reuben Madden. (sickboy)

Lead singer of Good Charlotte the greatest band in the world.

Twin of Benji Madden who is 5 minutes older than Joel.

Guy who cares about animals, war, and suicide.

Joel (and Benji and Billy and Paul) are also hot but r not urs obsessed fans.

All u people who don't like him or Good Charlotte because they 'sold out' or because he's goin out with Hilary Duff suck. (althought that joke at MTV with Hilary about the killers wasn't funny)
Joel Madden: "I think that our goal in Good Charlotte is just to be Good Charlotte, and whatever happens, whatever that means, we don't even know, we just push on and tour and make music and do whatever."

Fan: whoa! its Joel Madden! I love Good Charlotte!
by me-me-me October 15, 2005
George Bush's alien assistant who does nething he says 2 weaken the world 2 turn it into a universal dump.

also used to describe some1 with john howard-like qualities.
eg: a coward, a but kisser, an absolute freaking idiot.
oh no our planet is doomed! john howard has just made it possible 4 the country of australia to all lose their jobs and starve 2 death.

what will john howard do next- it is in his power to order all babies born with blue eyes killed!
by me-me-me October 14, 2005
a band that rocks! they have come a long way and their songs actually mean something.

(unlike lots of crap u get about having sex and grieviously injuring people because they arent 'cool' or 'popular')

call them whatever u want- they dont need any sterotyped label- they r just good at what they do and want to do good 2 the world- eva heard 'hold on' or 'thankyou mom' or read the thankyous in their cd covers.

2 ne1 who stopped likin them because joel started goin out with hilary u suck!

and i no lotsa u idiots out there h8 them because u dont want ur friends 2 think u suck- u suck harder.
person 1: good charlotte is the greatest band in existence!

person 2: yeh i was trying 2 kill myself until u told me 2 go 2 blastro and watch their 'hold on' clip. it changed my life.

person 1: lets go to their concert next time they come near here

Person 2: yeh!
by me-me-me October 14, 2005
An alien sent to weaken the earth so it can be turned into a universal dump. it hasnt learnt proper english and therefore says stupid things like

'if we do not succeed we will run the risk of failure' and
'the enemy are innovative and resourceful and so are we. they never stop thinking of ways to harm our country and our citizens, and neither do we'
George Bush is the worst leader planet earth has ever had, probably because he is not from this planet.
by me-me-me October 14, 2005

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