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A particularly nasty STD, that in later stages causes infertility, leads to your pubes falling out and eventually insanity and death. Friedrich "God is dead" Nietzsche, the German philosopher, caught this from a whore and died. Very common in the midle ages, particularly among the nobility of France. Can be covered up, externally, by a merkin. The US government conducted secret tests on African-Americans in the 30's to see how likely you were to die from syphilis. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments didn't end until the 1970's.

I didn't use a condom when I had sex with that whore and now I have tertiary syphilis, which is making me CRAZY! This is some bad news for my poor wang.
by me oh my December 04, 2005
To bridge the gap, bridging the gap in its gerund form, is to pull your dick out of the ass at the end of anal sex and to spray your cum from cheek to cheek, "bridging the gap" of the anal sphincter.
I was fucking the crap out of her ass last night but I wanted a full on porno money shot, so I pull out and bridge the gap with my pearly white cum.
by me oh my October 02, 2005

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