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Region of Boston, Massachusetts, located west of Boston University. Borders Brookline, Brighton, and Cambridge. It is home to many students of Boston schools, mostly BU kids but many from BC, Suffolk, Harvard, and probably MIT. It is a place of debauchery and general lawlessness. The only area with actual police presence is Ashford and Pratt because that's where the awful BU frats are and freshmen flock there only to wake up in a hospital, so the police just hang out there waiting for the 911 calls. Allston also has many large liquor stores, including Marty's, Blanchard's, and Discount Liquors. There are a fair amount of bars and restaurants in the area. Bars close at 2am, but there are parties pretty much every night and people are usually out until 4 or 5. Most of the bars and restaurants are on Commonwealth Avenue, Brighton Avenue, and Harvard Avenue. There is a large immigrant population, and a few young professionals, but, generally, if you live in Allston and you're over 25, you have serious problems.
I went to a party on chester street in allston last night - I ended up shotgunning a beer on the street next to a police cruiser and after that my only memories are of throwing up.

I'm bored - let's get an $8 handle of marty's vodka and watch porn in allston.

Sometimes I see families walking around allston and I want to cry.
by me me me me me October 14, 2006

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