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noun - A Thanksgiving turkey feast, usually resulting in a nap.

from tryptophan - an amino acid found in poultry believed to cause drowsiness


fandango, a Spanish dance.
We did the tryptophan-dango, then slipped into a stupor on the sofa.
by mdphoto November 19, 2009
Asholeperger Syndrome - a behavioral disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction, a single-minded self absorption, a lack of a sense of humor and hyper-critical outbursts. This behavior may be a result of undiagnosed Asperger syndrome, or the person might just be an asshole.
She spent a breathless hour on the phone yakking about her day, only pausing to rag on every member in her family. I am not sure if she has Asperger syndrome, or if she is just an asshole, so let's just say she has Asholeperger Syndrome.
by mdphoto May 14, 2011

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