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A girl who puts on too much makeup for events such as Prom or ball even though they look better naturally without any makeup on. Most of the makeup is concentrated around the eyes and on the eyelid which makes her look like a raccoon turning into a monster. While in the event, all that makeup especially around the eyes will smear and all the sweat will the makeup stream down her face.
Sam: Dude Pat, look at all that makeup that Angie and Jen have on, they look like raccoons!

Pat: Yeah, I know all that eye shadow and stuff makes their eyes look like the black parts around the raccoon's eye. I think Angie is wearing all that make up to embarrass their date.

Sam: I wonder how the pictures will turn out. I think Jen looks way better without any makeup on, I really don't understand why she wears so much. I mean their eyes aren't even that small.

Chao (From a Distance): OMG WHO THE HELL IS THAT! SHE LOOKS LIKE A RACCOON! Oh snap, it is Angie.. WOAH, I didn't think she would wear that much makeup, holy crap. That was totally unexpected, I think Angie looks way better without any makeup on and is super pretty without it. LOOK AT ALL THAT EYELINER AND EYE SHADOW... I don't think they make her eyes bigger at all.. I mean her eyes are already big enough.

Ed: Yep. My girl doesn't have that much on, what do you think guys?

Sam & Pat: Way better.
by mdnyan May 17, 2012

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