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a google wave containing porn and/or chatroulette screencaps
a ladyfriend and i had a fuckwave
by mcsquiggedy February 16, 2010
A value representing the mean per-capita pretentiousness and dickheadedness in a given location or community.
I like overpriced coffee as much as the next chap, but I just can't set foot in a Starbucks; the poncentration is high enough to make me physically ill.
by mcsquiggedy November 09, 2010
(n) An individual, typically male, who takes a disproportionate, erotic interest in mildly titillating content (e.g. an attractive girl's face, any amount of cleavage, or a photograph showing side boob). It is assumed that this is because the individual lacks sexual experience, thus rendering that content new and exciting. Perpetual horniness is also a common turbovirgin trait.
Dude, calm down and stop being a turbovirgin. It's cleavage, not a striptease.
by mcsquiggedy July 31, 2010

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