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A term usually used for a homosexual nigger often wearing womens clothing. You will usually find negbra's on the main street standing under the street light waving you down to ha sex. The money is usually used to purchase crack and other nigger drugs upon spending their monthly welfare check they seek other means of income that are non taxed. Male niggers will whore themselves out as women and other niggers jump at the chance.
yo bro i think that was a negbra
man a hole is a hole
congrats on the aids
shit i don't care Africa got it worse
tru tru
by mcshittypants April 06, 2008
A baby's butt is defined by two methods. The first method is a woman doggystyle with her stomach hanging down. Her stomach appears to be split down the middle, hence two small but cheeks with a crack resembling a baby's butt. The other method is a male with a beer belly who can push his stomach together and create two cheeks with a crack down the middle.
Brenda's baby's butt was shaking all over the place when I was hittin it from behind.
by mcshittypants November 02, 2009

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