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When someone calls your mobile phone wanting you to call them back. Just let it ring twice so giving little oppotunity to answer it. This is useful if A. you're tight and do not want to use up your credit; and B. you have run out of credit.
hey honey, did you two bells me?
yeah, ta for calling back, i'm out of credit
by mcrbloke September 13, 2005
A person with an extremely bad haircut.
Taken from the lead singer of the 80s 'pop' group, A Flock of Seagulls who had possible the worse fashion disaster for hair of all times.
God, look at that bloke’s seagull.
by mcrbloke August 03, 2005
Gay slang (polari) for hair used in the UK especially in the 50s and 60s.
have you seen the riah on her? Tortured
by mcrbloke September 26, 2005
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