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a glancing strike to the chin which causes the jawbone to compress the trigeminal nerve (cranial nerve 5) and cause pain and disorientation

also a single by N.W.A.
Cletus: I know about certain body areas, too. We gotta hit those guys in the ganglia.
Moonpie: Where?
Cletus: In the ganglia. That's a mess of nerves under the ear. You gotta drive the jawbone up in that mess of nerves and it rings a bell.
-discussion of chin checking in Rollerball
by mcnewbie March 31, 2009
the inked writing point of a marker or pen.
I was tagging this electrical box at the intersection with a fat drippy marker when the nib fell out and landed in the dirt.
by mcnewbie September 11, 2009
when your foot slips off your bicycle pedal, and the thing swings around and "checks" you in the shin.

can be very painful and messy if you were putting a lot of force down on it, especially if the pedal is pointy and metal for gripping shoes, as BMX pedals tend to be
tom: yo, i got a vicious pedal check riding my BMX last night.

jim: that sucks. i guess maybe you ought to wear shin guards with those beartrap pedals.
by mcnewbie May 13, 2009

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