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1) an eating-disorder-ridden, indecisive, eager-to-please perfectionist
2) a sweet, unassuming virgin who is most likely quiet and timid, speaking more with noises (hm, oh, mm) and sound bites (fun, sounds good, whatever you want to do) than actual words, often accompanied by excessive eye-lash batting and pursing of lips. see mary with a twist
3. prude, but with sooo much potential i.e. perfection
1) man you couldn’t decide on what food to order and now you're not eating it.... you going mary kate on me?

2a) i dated some britneys but I'm marrying a mary kate
2b) good luck they are a dying breed....

3a) man, all the girls at this party are whores… wait a second, who’s that hottie?
3b) that’s mary kate. she’s gorgeous, but she’s waiting til marriage.
3a) damn.
by mcluvin8485 March 19, 2009

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