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3 definitions by mcjizzmuffin

one of the most amazing shots in the game of hockey. where the handler is behind the net, scoops up the puck with his/her stick and swings it into the goal right past the goalies head.
Dude1: Yo man, i just pulled of the Michigan Shot.
Dude2: Shut up you tweed, no you didn't, your paralyzed from the waist down.
by mcjizzmuffin May 25, 2007
8 6
what happens to a man's sack on a very hot day, sometimes sagging so low it becomes a swinging sack.
Afroman: check it!! i gots me a saggy sack
Jewdude: oye!! i 'ont wanna peep 'at ish, fuck outta 'ere!!
by mcjizzmuffin May 25, 2007
4 4
reffering to a black woman's "big bootey" or butt, for those who don't understand slang.
Lopedog: Yo, did you see Shawneesha's nig bootey?
Cornbread: BIG NIG BOOTEY HOE!!!
by mcjizzmuffin May 25, 2007
15 19