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The bangs that give a lesbian her lesbian looks.
they hang down to her eyes while her mullet hangs down her back.
person1:DUDE!i tottaly didnt know she was lesbian!

person2:WOW!are you serious man!you can so tell by her lesbangs!
#lesbo #lesbians #rug muncher #hair #gay #vagina #justin bieber
by mcj916 April 11, 2010
The funky aroma that comes from the male or female genetalia after a rigorous athletic excercise and or activity.It can also appear if person does not know how to wash or allows the accumulation of fumunda cheese to grow around the the genital area.
Tom: dude,whats that smell?
Andy:bro,i think its franky,tell him to close his legs.
Franky:sorry guys...my shower is broken and im not able to wash,so i have a bad case of genismelia.
#crack #balls #fumunda cheese #sack #blue waffle #sweat #smell
by mcj916 May 23, 2010
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