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male version of camel toe. each ball falls to either side of their pant leg....resembeling fly eyes
look at that tool....he's got major fly eyes.
by mcat August 02, 2006
the idiots that hang around in front of a tv camera or front row seats at an event+call someone on their cell phone to see if they're on tv and smile and wave
Hey dude, am i on TV? Look...i'm the one waving like a total dick. I'm a tel-cell tool....look at me
by mcat August 02, 2006
anyone who is challenged in any way....such as fashion, socially, etc. Someone who is generally annoying.
Did you see Charlie with those red eyeglass frames?

Yea...he looks like a total victim with those ugly ass, Sally Jesse Raphael things on.
by mcat August 02, 2006
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