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3 definitions by mc of prayer

A famous and powerful preacher in Houston Texas. He is also known as the smiling preacher. He has received some criticism from other preachers that only want to tell you that you're going to hell and from people that get mad that a preacher is making money. He has also been accussed of not preaching from the Bible however, there hasn't been a single cermon he has done that he has not used or changed any scriptures. He has been respondsible for attracting millions of people to the Christian faith. In addition, at of 2009 he has the largest church in the United States. He has been noted on teaching people not only prosperity through God but also how to help people, tolerate people, stay faithful, and stride for your goals through God. He has also stated that prosperity is not always money but health, or just having a good job. He continues to touch millions of hearts and lives.
by mc of prayer July 19, 2009
The original peoples of the United States. They're also the only race that you need a piece of paper that says you're of native blood. While more Native Americans are becoming more aggravated by the process of government determining who's really "Indian". Some nations are beginning to talk about dropping it completely because it's decreasing the Native American population. This is also a politically correct term used to refer to the indigenous people of the American Continents.

There are also many African Americans that are descended of Native Americans but because of the "Blood Quantum Law" and the fact that most people of mixed African American and Native American descent don't live on reservations. Many African Americans don't take an interest in that part of their heritage and as a result the Native American population continues to drop, however there has been a recent increase in more people with that mixed background are becoming enrolled into their respective tribe/tribes.
Hi I'm Mike.

Teacher: Hi Mike. Wow you're handsome what are you mixed with?

Mike: I'm not mixed I"m full blood Native Ameican from the Delware tribe.

Teacher: Oh really..where's your proof?

Mike: Proof?

Teacher:Yeah your indian papers. You can't claim to be Native Ameican and not have Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood with you.

Mike: Oh I forgot it in my Bible at home.

Teacher: You go to church? but you're Native American don't you just talk to the spirits??

Mike: I'm Christian sorry if that shocks you. (As he walks away)

Teacher: Well I guess you're not a real Indian but you do have color in your skin I'll but you down as Black.
by mc of prayer August 17, 2009
The original meaning was a person with African American and Native American admixture, but the term also applied to freed African Americans that lived with Native Americans that were not mixed.

It's unclear how many people whom are considered African American also have Native American heritage but it is clear that most African American do have Native American ancestry as studies continue to be done by historians and geneticists.
I'm also part Native American. So some people call me black indian and other just call me mixed.
by mc of prayer August 17, 2009