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Being told to wank or given permission
dad:hey son what are you doing

boy:just getting angry at this videogame
dad:go on porn and losen up
dad:absolutly wankaway
#wank #porn #computer #lesbian #dad
by mc mc mclovin June 20, 2011
person who is afraid of inconveniencing people
guy1: just skip the queue
guy2: no that would inconvenience the people in front
guy1: dude you have inconveniencephobia
#inconvenience #harry #frazer #jack #phobia
by mc mc mclovin June 20, 2011
leaving a tube of pringles between your legs thus appearing as a boner
guy 1: dude pass a pringle
guy 2:dont eat it this fuck has pringledick
#pringle #dick #crisps #penis #food
by mc mc mclovin June 20, 2011
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