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1.) A label given to female troops stationed at Camp Speicher Iraq. These girls, whom would be ugly as sin back in the states, are graded on a curve called the "Speicher Curve".
2.) Female soldiers located at Camp Speicher who are basically one plane ride away from being ugly again. (reffering to the redeployment plane ride back to the states)
"Hey SGT, why the hell did you fuck that ugly ass air force chick?"

"She was ugly SPC, but I graded her on the Speicher Curve simply because her tits were huge in her PT shirt"

"yeah, she did have some huge sweater cows"
#iraq curve #iraq princess #iraq cinderella #iraq skank #slut
by mbs17686 July 18, 2007
when a man is fucking a chick from behind and just before he cums he pulls his cock out and shoves his freshly chewed tobacco in her pussy and fucks her with his "sausage" again until he cums inside.
girl "that asshole john gave me a spicy sausage last night"

girl 2 "ouch, i bet that kinda stings a little huh"

girl "yeah, but later on I told Mark I would suck his dick
if he would give John a fuzzy musket"
#italian sausage #smoking anus #spicy meat #burning ass #stinging pussy
by mbs17686 July 18, 2007
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