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MSOE is a proving ground. The work load is heavy and the classes have ridiculously hard requirements and assignments. Still, if you can make it through MSOE everything else should seem easier by comparison. If you are not sure you want to do engineering you probably do not want to attend MSOE. You have to be dedicated in order to do well. This being said, employers realize that the students who graduate from here will work their tail off and can meet pretty much any requirement. The one thing that you can hold onto when your sleep deprived and exhausted from trying to keep up with all of your professors demands, is the knowledge that when you graduate you will not end up at Starbucks making $6.35/hr like the yahoos at other universities who are getting by doing nothing. It may be a lot of work now but it will be worth it, especially in this economy.
Yeah, I’ve had to work my tail off for the last 4 years here at MSOE, but I’ll be making $52,000 starting at the job I just got.
by mbhairless June 25, 2009

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