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a private school in maryland:
landon is full of self-pride and arrogance. most guys who go there are extremely cocky and of course athletic. landon almost never accepts kids who they don't think are going to be kings of the world. landon is basically an athletic school, but they also have cheated on their SATs in the past.
even the staff and teachers are arrogant and competative: landon once beat a team 9-0 in lacrosse, and literally posted the score on their website as 12-0 that is just unnecessary. landon has amazing athletics, that much is true. but most of them need to learn to be gentlemen. they have been improving, but still are jerks a lot of the time. THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE.
landon guy: everybody sucks but me!
by mbfgw May 15, 2005

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