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1. When the real world hits you like a slap to the face after a fierce masturbation session.
Joe: "I beat off with birthday cake frosting... I hated myself and wanted to die..."

Terry: " Sounds like Post Masturbation Depression Syndrome to me. Don't sweat it, bro. It's normal. But that IS fucked up..."
by mbarfiel February 04, 2010
A poop that vanishes so quickly upon toilet entry you question weather you've even pooped at all.
1. Scott: "Dude, I just laid the longest log and when I looked it was gone!"

2. Jason: "Paranormal Pooptivity, man!!!"

3. Steve: "Fuck! I just felt myself poop but where is it?! I guess I'll wipe anyways... Goddamn, Paranormal Pooptivity..."
by mbarfiel February 11, 2010
Technique used by men during sexual climax to increase their fuck power level ten fold. The increased power is only temporary, however, as the technique drains the user of all remaining fuck ki. Most commonly used as "finisher." This surprise technique leaves women with feelings of excitement, surprise, disappointment, and increased horniness.
1. "Oh my God, Joey went Sex Kaio-Ken last night during sex and I was in Heaven for like 8 seconds."

2. "Sex Kaaaaaaiooooo-Keeeeeen!!!"

3. - "Baby, I think it's time for my Sex Kaio-Ken..."

- "Not yet, baby, I'm not done having sex."
by mbarfiel February 10, 2010
An extreme drunken state where power level is over 9,000. Those with Inebriated Invincibility have no fear of death.
1. Rob: "I've got Inebriated Invincibility right now, man. You think I could kill everyone here?"

George: "I think you're drunk, man. Simmer down."
by mbarfiel February 11, 2010
When you're suspicious of a person who looks like they might be on a mission to rape. Sometimes equipped with a sheisty mustache, those under suspicion are usually seen showcasing a chilling pedosmile.
1. "Dude, what the hell is that guy smiling at? I'm rapespicioius as fuck...."

2. "You need to shave that... I would be rapespicious of you if I saw you with that..."
by mbarfiel February 04, 2010

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