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invu - i envy you.
"I have a really hot bf lol!"
"uhh invu"
invu - quick talk - msn or IM =)
by Mazlove April 19, 2007
A fiction story, fic is short for fiction. A story. Can be based on anything, and found in places such as Live Journal or Fanfiction.net
"Have you read her fic on Live Journal?"
"What, the BDSM one?"
by Mazlove July 28, 2007
A very funny comedian of Vietnamese and American heritage. He became well known after playing "Kip" in the "Joe Schmo Show" He has starred in several T.V shows, as well as movies, and typing him up on youtube will in fact keep you amused for hours.
Rachel: You need to watch the prank calls on youtube by Lance Krall. They are hilarious!

Demi: Ahaha I have! I'd be so embarrassed to say I was a porn star to a stranger on the phone!
by Mazlove August 13, 2008
Another variation I have seen in IM conversations that is similar to o.O; O_O;;?

Basically huh, what the hell, o....k with sweat drops.
Maddy: OMFWTF I was watching tellytubbies for the first time in years I was ROFLMAO xDDDDDD

Greg: _;;

Maddy: What?

Greg: You are acting wierd _;;
by mazlove January 12, 2008

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